Friday, December 01, 2006

Watched the World Cup Men's Downhill today, which was quite the unique experience. You really don't appreciate how fast a human being traveling 75 MPH is until you see it live...or how painful it must be to crash into a gate head first at said speed. (the fate of an Austrian skier today) The event was surprisingly riveting, and the fans determined despite the cold and snow. The award for best nickname goes to perennial champ Hermann "The Herminator" Maier, but the awards that mattered went to the Yanks, with Bode Miller winning the event and Steve Nyman (my age) taking the bronze. Watching anyone perform at the peak level in almost any discipline is engaging, and today was no exception. I've attached a few pics, along with two random ones of my Uncle Mark that happened to be on the same memory card.

Winter Wonderland

American Marco Sullivan

A very a happy Steve Nyman

Uncle Mark and Dad, happy as always

Mark and Sarah

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dratner said...

In this last picture, Sheikh Mark, mistaking sand for powerdered snow, contemplates pushing his camel down a double black diamond. To his right, the redoubtable Sarah, Queen of the Dessert, is unaware that Sheikh Mark may sooner sacrifice her than a well trained camel.