Monday, December 18, 2006

Where to begin? Today, well, it was quite a day. Started off promising enough--fresh powder to break in my brand new, incredibly sexy skis. (It was snowing basically the entire day, and very large, beautiful flakes.) Things turned ominous when the chairlift I was on broke down for 20 minutes, followed by my slipping on some ice and taking a fat loss on cobblestone, messing up my knee in the process. Bar got hit pretty hard for a spell, and I got to go back in time again thanks to the old lady who ordered a Stinger. The problems really began when a very nice couple (let's call them Jane and John) came in towards the end of the evening. Their serenity was interrupted by three tipsy Germans. One of the Germans (Klaus, for argument's sake) was feeling a bit more sociable than John, and when he informed John that his wife was quite beautiful, John, who hadn't had a drink all night, snapped, got in the German's face and said "if you say another motherfucking word I'll smash your face in." It wasn't encouraging that John was about twice my size, and I was lacking my tranq gun. Jane and I were able to get John to leave, with his Jane explaining that "he's a really nice guy, but he's a police officer so he has a quick temper and gets violent." Hmmm. What's wrong with that picture? Now, I had already decided that my German friends would not be having more than one drink, and when I refused to serve them more I was offered a 20 to look the other way. Having none of it, I gave them their bill, only to turn around and find that they had vanished, leaving only half of the money they owed. Thus, at midnight, I got to chase three drunk Germans around in the snow, finally catching up with them trying to bribe their way into another bar. Just another day at the office.

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