Sunday, December 24, 2006

This week finally worked out like they have been supposed to! Working the right hours, got out skiing four times, then a quick trip to Denver to see Jon, Meg, et al for the last night of Hanukkah. It was nice to spend the last night with them, especially as this is the first time I haven't been home for the holiday.

I took a lesson on Friday and my instructor decided it would be a good day to test me out on some black mogul runs. Needless to say, by the time I made it down to Denver I was dead. As always, Denver was quite fun--I really don't know where Ava gets her energy. In no particular order, some of the cute moments:

--After lighting the candles, Ava, in the midst of running around completely overwhelmed by excitement blurted out "family hug family hug" A genuine "aww" moment--and oddly nostalgic, as its was/is something my sis and I did/do.

--Jon and I crawling around on our hands and knees being mommy and daddy cat while Ava bossed us around. She later decided to put us in a bowl of soup and cook us I blame the cannibalistic instincts on her being raised a vegetarian. The look on Meg's face watching aforementioned interaction was pretty good too

--Jon being used as the pretend litter box for Ava's feline alter ego to repeatedly pretend defecate on, and his exclamation that "I just LOVE being a litter box". Don't advertise that one, buddy.

--Taken Ava sledding on an absolutely gorgeous day today. 3 year old. Sled. Nuff said.

Going to hit the hay with the vain hope of getting some hill time in tomorrow before work. We'll see how that goes. Also, for the record, Ursula is still freaking scary.

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