Sunday, December 17, 2006

Another interesting day at the ranch, aside from my second busiest day thus far. As previously noted, the Eagle County Sheriff's office doesn't have much to do with their time. Unfortunately, this meant that yesterday they sent an underage girl, in the company of a 45-year old man, around to the bars. My co-worker, Ryan, who has been a bartender for 5 years, served her a beer, at which point the police officer smiled and essentially said "You're screwed". It's unclear what the ramifications will be--at the minimum Ryan has a $500 fine and a court appearance- he could be stripped of his right to serve for 6 months. He also faces Hyatt discipline- I wouldn't be shocked if he was terminated. Poor guy, he looked totally ashen today. He also won't be working any bar shifts till this is resolved, meaning my "part-time" status may be somewhat problematic. It also means I have to work in the lobby bar venue the next two days, which is a zoo anyways, plus I'll be working without a service bartender. I'm preparing for chaos. In case you are scoring at home, in the five weeks I've been working here, we have one bartender fired for blowing off shifts and allegedly trashing a Denver hotel, one with a DUI, and one caught serving minors. Go team!

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