Thursday, November 30, 2006

The French cocktail waitress, Florianne, is unbearably hard on herself, becoming nearly reduced to tears after simple gaffes that are language barrier related and predominantly irrelevant. One of her more amusing malapropisms is that, whenever she has a cash payment she urgently requests "Matt, will you please change me." I've attempted to explain that such an act might create a bit of a stir, but poor Flo still isn't quite sure what I'm talking about.

In other international news, Ikohiro (or Ike, as we have taken to calling him, in a nod more to South Park than Eisenhower) managed to get himself arrested last night. (Oh, the Park Hyatt gossip travels fast...) Poor schmuck was out at a bar and decided to help out by driving some people home. Problem one: he doesn't have an American driver's license. Problem two: he was drunk as a skunk. Problem three: the Eagle County police found neither problem one nor problem two amusing and promptly carted him off to jail. Welcome to America, Ikohiro.

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Jeff said...

Did you read about Michael Irvin's comments on Dan Patrick?