Monday, December 04, 2006

Helmets and Weather

Bar was packed from the get go today, so I didn't make it home til well after 2. A couple of thoughts before I pass out.

1. I briefly felt guilty about my decision to sleep in and watch football on such a gorgeous, albeit frigid day. What I've realized is, unlike the midwest, days when the sun is shining are not so rare that one must feel compelled to take advantage. It was sunny today, and it will be sunny tomorrow. I'm so not used to this.

2. Speaking of things I'm not used to, the Browns won today. After hearing that Dawson made the OT kick, (I had to leave for work at the end of regulation) I kept waiting for the inevitable "And Dwayne Rudd throws his helmet into the air causing an automatic forfeiture of game" call, but it never came. Feeling joy at the end of a football game is an odd emotion that I'm not quite sure how to deal with. Sure, it's nice, but it leaves me nothing to bitch about for the subsequent week...

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Deborah said...

nothing to bitch about? REALLY?!