Friday, December 08, 2006

My friend Lindsay sent me a pretty amusing e-mail the other day in which she pointed out that

"Clearly someone who hates people as much as you do should
definitely be in a service job, such as bartending, where you deal
with a lot of people constantly. I'm glad you've made such a good

Although she definitely has a point, I think I am pretty tempermentally suited for bartending. Viewed from a professional distance and in small doses, I am able to find the...nuances...of the people I serve interesting, and watching the way people interact from my vantage point (that of a fairly passive bystander) is actually fairly fascinating if not occasionally depressing. I think the same part of me that was attracted to directing is drawn to this contstant ability to observe human nature. Moreover, by dealing with people professionally, and thereby having no expectations, I am able to observe without being disappointed or particularly invested.


Lindsay said...

If you want to just observe people and what they do and wonder "What the...?", you know what you should do?

Social psychology!


Matt said...

Social psychology, bar tending.

Pretty much the same thing, no?

Except mine introduces the world's most renowned variable!