Monday, December 25, 2006

Worked in the lobby bar today, which, although less my kind of place than the bar I typically work in is definitely a better gig. Even though it is markedly busier, because you have 3 cocktail waitresses, and don't have to deal with the myriad of other random stuff my bar entails, its actually less work. More time spent making drinks, less crawling around on your hands and knees trying to get the fire to work. Had a guy come in today ordering $65 cognac, only to ruin it by requesting a splash of Frangelico (a hazelnut liquor) in it. Yuck. Also had a lovely family of three who were really irked they couldn't buy me a drink, and proceeded to leave me a 50 percent tip. Thought I was going to have my lunch handed to me today and it really wasn't all that bad---with the exception of managing to break a key in half.

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