Saturday, November 25, 2006

I knew there would be a day where I would have my "Cocktail" moment and have my lunch totally handed to me, and that was today. I woke up in Denver at 6:45 AM, got some face time with a very cute and very hungry set of twins, and then embarked on my second 15 hour shift in the past three. During lunch I am responsible for all the drinks for the outdoor restaurant, which is huge. (side note: whoever started the notion that Bloody Mary's should have olives in them needs to beaten to death with large chunks of pimiento. It's just plain wrong. Sort of like mayonnaise.) Dealing with the restaurant is one thing, but today I got two tables of 10 people wanting to order full lunch from me, and predictably chaos ensued. On the bright side, I finally made some money, and have plum shifts next week. (Sun-Wed, 3-close, meaning I can sleep/ski during the day) In the evening the resort had its Christmas tree lighting, which literally drew hundreds of people, so the night shift was crammed as well. I realized I take for granted how helpful 22-years of English is. I think that I can get overwhelmed, but when someone says "Crown and Ginger" or even "Coors" I actually know what they are talking about. Florianne, my incredibly sweet French cocktail waitress, (before you ask, she's taken, by another Frog named Ben. Bitch of it is, he happens to be a very nice guy.) was nearly driven to tears tonight by the insanity, and there was precious little I could do. All right, my redbull has worn off, so its beauty sleep for me. Its funny, I keep wondering whether I will meet some people, but between all the social interaction at work and time I want to spend skiing, I wouldn't be able to find time for friends outside work if I had them. Very excited to scale back starting next week.

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Alex said...

I like mayonnaise...Other than that I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have often been served olives in my Bloody Marys at the bar but would never dream of putting them in my own estimable recipe at home.

In other news, even after slaying him at the polls, Ohioans are in now mood to forgive Senator Mike DeWine (R-Lame Duck). According to a recent SurveyUSA Poll, he is the least popular of all 100 current US Senators. Too bad you missed my birthday last was a corker at the Parnell!!