Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Things are getting interesting over at the Park Hyatt. The mountain opens tomorrow, and we actually got a decent crowd for lunch. (people sure do love their apple martinis...) The chief to Indian ratio is so skewed that almost nothing gets done, and I have been truly amazed by how disorganized things are. One example: I inherited four people to help me polish glassware because they had been scheduled to work at a bar that is under construction until next week. It doesn't help that none of my three supervisors seem to like each other, and the amount of petty dick-fighting between them is fairly high. On the bright side, I showed up to work today to find out that one of my colleagues, Damon, had been fired. Normally I wouldn't take pleasure in another man's pain (or at least admit it publicly) but this was a long time coming. In addition to being a lazy S.O.B. who didn't do any work on the rare occasions when he showed up, within five minutes of meeting him he produced a photo of his most recent "conquest." And he had a mullet. Always a good warning sign ladies, avoid the guys with mullets who carry pictures of the female anatomy in their wallet. Remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires.

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