Monday, November 27, 2006

Goldens, Goldens, everywhere

But not a one that's mine... Honestly, its been some sick joke how many dogs in general and goldens in particular I've seen since I've been out here. After my first day skiing at Vail, I nearly skied into one coming down after my last run. I saw no less than 3 just running out to get a sandwich. And, on the employee bus down the mountain yesterday, I spent the entire ride across from a 5-month old. In addition to making me miss my dog like crazy (its been over a year, but I'm still waiting for the joke to be over) it has really made me want to have a dog. (Missing having my pooch specifically and having a pooch generally are distinct, if related, emotions.) Then again, the people who I spent Thanksgiving with (friends of Jon and Meg) have a dog with cancer, and talking with them made me remember how totally fucking miserable the process of losing Caramel was. It's definitely God's perverse sense of humor that man's best friend would have a life expectancy so much shorter than a human. And, given the way I feel about most dogs vis a vis most humans, logic would dictate the life expectancy should be the other way around. Supposed to get a massive snow today or tomorrow, and we sure need it. Hoping to motivate and get on the mountain before my shift tomorrow.
Today was torturously slow---its been feast or famine thus far.

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