Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We finally are getting the snow we have been desperately needing late tonight, and with any luck we will have 6" by tomorrow. Today made me realize how much I'm actually going to be able to ski this season---even though I slept in until around 10, I was able to get a solid few hours on t he mountain before going into work. It was a bit surreal as the conditions are quite icy so I had the mountain essentially to myself. The resort is totally dead right now making "work" little more than watching Monday Night football for 3 bucks an hour, although I did get a group come in and drop $300 on Scotch. Also had a few members of the Austrian ski team--they are in for the World Cup events being held at Beaver Creek this weekend. I'm hoping to try and catch some of the events--I hear its unbelievable. (They ski ~85 MPH)

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