Thursday, November 30, 2006

Current temperature in Edwards, CO: -15 degrees.

Had an older couple in today that should have been sipping Mint Juleps in the antebellum South. It wasn't that they were old--mid 70s, I would guess, but they just had the aura of being from a different era. The woman told me a story about how she used to spend 30 minutes making her own Bloody Mary mix, and how everyone had a recipe whose secrets were zealously guarded. I don't know if it's possible to feel nostalgic for something you never experienced, but speaking with her made me long for the days when everyone wasn't prepackaged, from Bloody Mary mix to personality. Our increasingly flat world, as Tom Friedman characterizes it, leads to amazing transparency but also unfortunate similarity. A Starbucks in Bangkok produces the same Cappuccino as the Starbucks in Brooklyn, and I'm not even remotely convinced that this is a good thing.

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