Thursday, November 23, 2006

Well, I left my apartment at 9:30 Wednesday morning and got back around 2:00 A.M. Thursday, working a marathon 15 hour bar shift. I was only supposed to be on until around 7, but Ikohiro, who was supposed to take over has such a poor command of English and general lack of knowledge (e.g. he doesn't know which coins are dimes) that I stayed to ensure he didn't burn the place down. I actually would feel really bad for him if he wasn't so frustrating. "Can you get salt and pepper" is like a 15 minute conversation with him. On the bright side, I have tomorrow off so I get to spend Thanksgiving with my cousins and their kids. (three daughters--one is 3, the other two are 6 months) I also think I've ingratiated myself to my boss due to my general awesomeness/competence, so my schedule for next week should be scaled to the part-time hours it was originally supposed to be. (note: for those of you who know me you will realize that the preceding sentence, which could be viewed as smug, is actually a delicate combination of smug, sarcastic and self-deprecating) Despite the long hours, I am actually enjoying the bar tending piece of it---although I have to bite my tongue every time someone orders a chocolate martini. Its fairly amusing how often I'm doing something so stereotypical I feel like I'm part of a Billy Joel song (No Madorsky, not Captain Jack) It is also interesting how people are so overwhelmed by you just being a nice guy and doing your job. Even though I was closed, I let some people use the pool tables while I cleaned up, and they practically called the Vatican to being canonization procedures. Time to pass out, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Have you guys been following this Michael Richards thing? Cosmo, how could you, after all we shared....

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Deborah said...

glad to hear that your day had some bright spots! I could use a martini about now!
Happy TG; we missed you! xoxmom