Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm really getting frustrated with Studio 60. I desperately WANT the show to be good---I think the cast is generally terrific, although the Harriet character bugs me, but thus far the show has been nothing more than lots of pretty words. Sorkin's intensity of dialogue just works a lot better when talking about a pending nuclear crisis than whether or not to do product placement. And all the pretty words can't make up for lack of discernible plot. All the self-referential humor about the Eastern intellectuals is getting tiresome too. Hopefully they will get back to the basics and give the very interesting characters something correspondingly interesting to do.

After two days of nonstop skiing at Breckenridge, it's time to drag whats left of my legs to bed. Beaver Creek opens tomorrow, so hopefully there will be plenty of people to ply with my $16 martinis.


Tony said...

See, I have the opposite reaction to Studio 60.

Whereas the West Wing began by trying to emulate the real White House, Studio 60's premise is already a fanciful depiction of an SNL-esque show. Since I know absolutely nothing about network television, I can just escape into Sorkin's intense dialogue.

On the other hand, I know far too much about politics and international relations. The West Wing's steady departure from reality became so bothersome that it was distracting.

While I do notice a substantial lack of plot, at least Studio 60's wordplay is intriguing. For Heroes, I only need to pay attention 20% of the time and I'm still able to outthink the show.

Matt said...

Agreed on West Wing, especially later on. The wordplay/chemistry is definitely intriguing in Studio 60--I just question its ability to sustain itself on that alone over the course of a run. I had been on board with Heroes until this weeks episode, which was not even close to clever enough. I also can't take Ali Larter seriously in any scene without thinking of Varsity Blues. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing...