Thursday, November 16, 2006

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Between full-tilt Hyatt-izing (we did skits...we had acronyms...we never want to relive the cesspool of wasted time and money that was Park Hyatt orientation again...ever.) and the logistical hassles inherent in getting a new place set up, tonight was pretty much the first night I could bother to be social. I decided that, despite my better judgment, I would attempt to do this social thing people speak of, and went to see Borat (more on that later) followed by a birthday party for an Aussie at the Eagle Bend apartments. Eagle Bend, about a 7 minute drive away, is where the majority of the Hyatt employees live. It had everything your dear writer had grown to hate about college (with the exception of about a 50/50 American/Latino split)---indeed, I felt like I had stepped into a time warp to 2002, albeit with "Hips don't lie" blazing in the background. The good: Ikohiro, my Japanese bartending cohort slamming Smirnoff Ice and exclaiming, in broken English, "this party fucking awesome" followed by a declaration that we were soul mates by virtue of both being 22. The bad: the 35-year old guys who have been here for five years and still get a kick out of this sort of thing. The ugly: Cops showing up due to an obvious lack of anything better to do. Honestly, I felt like I was back in High School, minus John Goheen. I nearly got into it with the cop who wanted to prevent me from driving out of a misguided power trip (I had consumed all of two beers) Thankfully, I decided discretion was the better part of valor, but I'm not sure how much energy I have for this sort of thing. Hopefully a few people will emerge. Did I mention that I hate dancing? On the bright side.....well, one must preserve a bit of suspense. First ski day of the season tomorrow!

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