Thursday, November 23, 2006

So, I made it down to Denver today (in record time, I might add) and got to spend Thanksgiving as one should--with family. Great to see Jon, Meg and their litter as always, and particularly nice to be with fam as this is actually the first Thanksgiving I haven't spent in Cleveland. Ava, the three year-old, is adorable as always (once I plied her with presents to overcome shyness) and being absentee uncle is really a good gig. In fact, it has made me quite certain I want my sister to have kids---all the perks, none of the diapers, and when they get annoying, you can leave. That being said, I did have quite a marathon game of "Hunter", mostly involving me, as "Mommy Bambi", hiding under a blanket or table while Ava took great pains to protect me. Of course, even if she was across the room, the moment I let my feet slip out from the table I was hastily reprimanded for subjecting myself to such great danger. Four years of undergraduate theatre training at Northwestern, and I'm reduced to playing "Mommy Bambi". Forty grand a year to good use, if you ask me.
It's a bit hokey (I'm a softie at heart, after all) but their really is no more instantly rewarding feeling than having an infant smile for you. I even busted out a hearty rendition of "Hush Little Baby" for Charlotte, although I must say my lullabye repetoire is a bit thin. I'll try and upload some photos tomorrow. I hope everyone is enjoying their tryptophan hangover, and remember not to massacre any helpful and well-intentioned neighbors in honor of the pilgrims.

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