Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and shockingly the Browns are once again notable only by their absence. With the Cavs playing the Pistons early, I have absolutely no reason to engage in any activity more strenuous than operating a microwave tomorrow, and I'm damn proud of it.

I, like everyone except the Mike's (Ditka and Wilbon) am picking the Colts to win tomorrow. The Bears certainly COULD win. Peyton COULD throw a costly INT or 3, da Bears ground game COULD wear down the Colt's resurgent D and keep Manning off the field and Vinatieri COULD miss a clutch field goal. (Allright, strike that last one.) The reason I pick the Colts is two-fold, and has nothing to do with football knowledge, which I'll leave to the likes of TJ and Jaws. (Side note: How many males in the 18-24 age demographic do you think can name more ESPN personalities than U.S. Senators? I'm going with 63%) I think the Colts will win due to my (ir?)rational hatred of Rex Grossman, who just seems like a total sleaze bag, and my desperate desire for Peyton to get a ring. This is really not altruism on my part, I just have no desire to spend the next five years hearing talking heads prattle on about how Peyton has never won the big one. Colts 24, Bears 14.

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Jeff said...

Welcome back. Text message from Adam Moses on my phone this morning: "I hate football."