Monday, February 26, 2007

Just got back from an amazingly easy trip to L.A. for my cousin Kevin's 40th birthday. It was great to see everyone (Kevin's brother and sister, along with their spice and kids, plus Mom, Dad and Aunt Shell), particularly because lately when a large segment of the family gets together it has been for less ebullient occasions. This was actually the first time all seven of my Uncle Chuck's grandkids were together, and it was really neat to see all the rug rats in the same place. (For what it's worth, when they are all capable of independent movement, we are in serious trouble.) Too tired for more muse-ing, but here are some photos.
Jon, Ava and I enjoying the hot tub
Pants? When you are going on a trip in your cardboard rocket ship, Max doesn't need any stinking pants!
Jon, Charlotte, Lilah, Rachel, Dalia, Ava, Avra. Phew!
Ava decided I need to have my toenails painted--a lovely shade of pink, I might add. (Good thing I'm secure...)

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