Friday, February 09, 2007

Got out skiing for a few hours today in a desperate attempt to get back on track. It had been about two weeks, and it definitely showed. It was a little pathetic how rusty I was, but it was fun to get back out there. Actual conversation heard on the chairlift today between a 10-ish year old girl and her apathetic ski instructor:

Girl: My dad's old job, before he met my mom, was driving around a wrestler.
Instruction: Yeah?
Girl:No, wait, maybe it was a boxer. Yeah. Muhammad something. Ali I think. Yeah, he drove around this Muhammad Ali.
Instructor: After this run we'll stop and get lunch.

I was sorely tempted to push them both out of the chairlift to see if they floated like butterflies, but wisely restrained myself. How the hell could not a single synapse of this woman's brain recognize that her snotty student was talking about The Greatest?!? Argh.

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