Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sorry for the brief lag in posting, but to be perfectly honest it has been a few days since I've had an original thought. Having Jeff in was a good deal of fun, and we managed not to do anything TOO stupid. (Given that we once threw quarters on a map to decide what to do on a given evening, this is a more major accomplishment than it may seem. I believe we ended up at a hunting club...) One of the more amusing occurrences took place at Fiesta's, a Mexican restaurant. After a big meal the night before, we felt like something quick and easy. (Banish those impure thoughts you are having!) What could be simpler and tastier than some enchiladas, right? Boy, were we mistaken. Turns out that of the four waiters on staff, two had called in sick, making the place pretty much self-serve. After finally getting our drink orders in, the overstressed waiter presented me a beer that had not only a lime inside it, but also one sitting in the neck. (That's 2 if you are keeping track at home.) After I dispatched the extra lime, the waiter made another sweep, and fearing he had been neglectful, promptly presented me with a lime for my beer. That made a grand total of three pieces of fruit for one drink. Somewhere, the Men of the Square table are crying man tears. After getting our food, the waiter confessed that once the night was over, he would consume an entire bottle of tequila and use it to beat the people who called off. Neither Jeff nor I were entirely convinced he was joking.


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