Tuesday, March 20, 2007

True fact one: America now is proudly home to more shopping malls than High Schools. Unfortunately, we have yet to discover a way to buy our outsourced jobs back.

True fact two: Starbucks carries several CDs that are appealing to me. I feel somewhat dirty.

After being up till four last night, I took half an ambien tonight. It has apparently "kicked in" because I walked into a wall twice while attempting to get a drink of water. I take this as a sign that it is time to hit the hay and let ambien work its sleepcooking magic.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

matt, you ARE somewhat dirty (independent of the starbucks cd selection).

seriously, dude, shower.

and yes, that is horribly depressing. the mall of america actually makes me want to vomit all over the midwestern women spending huge amounts of money at chicos.

Matt said...

sarah, i already showered this month.

and given the general size of midwestern women (and men), vomiting all over them could take awhile. ba-zing.