Saturday, March 10, 2007

With apologies to those of you who aren't basketball/Cavs fans....

Did you see that Pistons game?!? It really was sports at its finest. A battle between the two best teams in the Leastern Conference. You often here the term "playoff atmosphere" bandied around, but in this case there was no question that both teams were playing for keeps. Once the Pistons pulled close after a Cavaliers dominated first quarter, everyone knew, as Fred McLeod said, that this one was going down to the wire. (Side note: I like McLeod a lot better than Reghi for a couple of reasons. A. I just think he is a more exciting, better announcer, and B. I once saw Reghi, who always seemed smarmy, be a total jackass to an 8-year old kid. Get over yourself.) More so than just being a close game, it was a great game. Often times a sloppy game ends up close when everyone decides to try in the final five minutes, but in this case the performance was superb throughout. (Exhibits A and B were the low turnovers on both sides--really crisp) It may have been the most complete game I've seen the Cavs play--you had Sideshow Bob and Gooden crashing the boards and fighting for every ball, Z reacquainting himself with his midrange jumper, and Hughes (finally!) attacking the hoop and opening things up for LeBron. Speaking of damn. He really must be sick of everyone claiming something is wrong because he is "only" averaging 27 points. King James got the scary look early and didn't let it go, even after his would be buzzer beater was waved off. (Unintentional comedy award goes to Mike Brown, who was halfway down the tunnel and getting the hell out of Dodge by the time he realized they had to play OT) This was a game where you could literally watch LeBron's maturation before your eyes, and it made you realize that good as he is, he could get a helluva lot better. The Cavs could go to the NBA finals, or lose in the first round, but when they play a brand of basketball that suits them, they can be just plain fun to watch.

Yesterday, in about a 3-minute stretch, I burned my hand on a pan while randomly making eggplant manicotti, stepped on a shard of glass that remained embedded in my foot for 12 hours, and made a free phone call to China. Yes folks, the fun never stops in Edwards, CO.

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