Friday, March 02, 2007

I actually used the phrase "Rock on Dude" in conversation today. Please forgive me. Next thing you know I'll be swilling Jager, carving freshies, and just livin' man.

Max decided to bring some Chicago weather with him, so while he was learning how to ski down at the relatively tame bottom, I was up top in white out conditions and dealing with what I later found out were wind gusts up to 45 mph. I also managed to take a nasty spill and ride my arm socket down the mountain. It was one of those days that was a total blast at the time and idiotic in hindsight.

Today's Browns Quiz: Top Free Agent Eric Steinbach will
A. Continue to be injury free during an All-Pro career
B. Blow out his patellar tendon on the first snap of training camp
C. Become the victim of a freak decapitation
D. Be consumed in his entirety by Romeo Crennel at the preseason team banquet
E. B, C, and D, in that order.

Go Browns!

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