Thursday, March 01, 2007

It became abundently clear to me today that Hashem, in all his wisdom, has it in for me. Or, more specifically, for my close friends and their efforts to spend time with me. When Jeff came in a few weeks ago, his plane was eight years late, and today, as my buddy Max was waiting for his flight at O'Hare, he was informed that the plane he was supposed to be traveling in was, I kid you not, struck by lightning. (After several hours, a missed connection and copious amounts of duct tape and super glue, the plane finally did take off.) The occurence of these two events in rapid succession clearly indicates that the Lord is invested in my living a hermetical lifestyle. Am I perhaps reading a bit too much into two days of bad weather in February by implying that these flight delays are actually a divine act aimed solely at dissuading my friends from visiting? Am I in fact an incredibly egotistical prick for assuming that God has nothing better to do with time than screw with me? The answers, of course, are no and yes respectively.

Note: Male pronouns used for simplicity's sake.

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