Friday, January 05, 2007

Well, two big items today: On a glorious powder day, I skied my first double black (admittedly, groomed, but nonetheless) and I quit my job. The job thing is a saga I don't feel like reliving, but it has definitely been brewing for a while. To be honest, it probably should have happened a bit ago, but I wanted to give it a far shake. At least it was a bit gratifying to have the HR people make every effort to keep me. Walking into the HR exit interview was like a scene right out of the Office. "Thomas, I really feel you should attend the HyStar dinner as it is in your honor, and it would send a really bad message if you didn't go" [Thomas is silent for a few seconds] "We are going to have steak." [Thomas says "I like steak. I guess I'll go."]

I'm definitely a little bummed the job thing didn't work out--I really tried hard to line up a good situation, and was very comfortable with the bars. That being said, it made no sense to be miserable for the next four months for no reason. My plan is to take the next few weeks and enjoy myself (the week my parents are in and the week following) and then start hunting around for another PT bar gig where they treat the staff like human beings.


Anonymous said...

Something very critical was left out of that post:

"Did you just say 'anal juices'?"

Hooray for you quitting! 59 days from now, those suckers are going DOWN.

Deborah said...

Sounds like a good plan Matt. I really think you gave it a good shot but no point in working in a demeaning environment. Lots of places need good employees who are good at BT. Meanwhile, a few weeks of being a ski bum is good for the soul.

Matt said...

sarah---the anal juice comment was in the original post, but i decided against it. thank you for pointing out my error