Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mom, Dad, and Sarah arrived safely today, and, as always it was great to see them. Also, as always, chaos nearly ensued. We are all pretty zany incredibly wonderful people, and mange to bring out each other's zaniness in ways only a family can. Within minutes of their arrival at my apartment, the keys manged to get locked in the rental, leading to profane outbursts and Dad trying to break into the car with a coat hanger. The other classic exchange of the evening occurred over a late, not so great meal of generic "Asian". My mom exclaimed "I think I am having an aneurysm" to which my oh so sensitive father replied "Does anyone want coffee?" I must admit to taking some measure of satisfaction watching Dad covet all of my sexy ski stuff. We also may or may not have killed a baby, but I'm not permitted to speak further on the subject.

Oh, and the place we are staying in (I'm staying with them) has an African drum. Really.


Francesco said...

You're much too hard on your father...If you spent a bit less time writing on your little blog and a bit more time in the real world you'd know that coffee is the perfect cure for an aneurysm...try pouring some on the dead baby too...I found that to be very successful in the past as well.

Deborah said...

Matt--good job on the blog.Even Dad can't get too angry.I think you should write a faux one for his eyes only about what really killed the baby just to watch the explosion!