Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sarah and I definitely didn't sit in my car in the parking lot drinking Scotch and listening to Hakuna Matata at full blast. That's far too ridiculous, even for us. And, there most certainly aren't pictures documenting the event, seeing as it didn't happen.

My computer has been even more spasmodic than usual lately, and my Dell technician, based in the Phillapines, informed me that the problems I was having with my computer were "weird". Definitely worth the 30 minute wait for that penetrating analysis. Go Dell. They finally gave up on me, and after three years admitted I got a lemon. The good news: this means they are sending me a new computer. The bad news: this means I can't justify getting a sexy new computer and switching over to Mac. It'll be a week until I get it, so my blog posting may fall off a bit. (I know, you are all heartbroken)

In less than a week, Jack's back. This really means far more to me than it should. Jack Bauer could strangle you with a cordless phone. Is it Sunday yet?


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Anonymous said...

Hakuna Matata... it means no worries baby!