Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Commentary of the night award for tonight's Spurs-Cavs game, paraphrased for your pleasure:

Austin Carr: Like I said earlier, the Cavs started getting defensive stops and that led to energy at the offensive end.
Kevin McLeod: You're clairvoyant as usual, A.C.
A.C: [laughs oddly, trying to figure out if he knows what clairvoyant means, and whether it was a compliment or an insult.]
[long pause, A.C. still trying to figure it out, gives up]
A.C: Defensive stops, offensive production [loud thunk as McLeod slams head against desk]

All right, so it was a heck of a lot funnier live, and no where as good as anything that comes out of Bryant Gumbel's mouth, but it amused me.

My parents and sister are coming in tomorrow for about a week, so I decided it would be an opportune time to clean my apartment. Of course, I decided this still not feeling great and at about 1 a.m., (after impulsively making pancakes-and no, I wasn't high.) which meant that my brain thought "cleaning", but my body thought "drop two bottles of wine on the floor before you start cleaning for the added challenge" As usual, the body won.

To bed before an a.m. meeting with my boss that should be...interesting...

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